Zodiac's Secret Weapon

Even the worst emotions can be useful. They can spark healing and self-preservation or draw attention to things that would otherwise go ignored.


Unlike the Hulk, an irate Aries can still be charming. Mars, the god of war, rules you, so getting fired up is usually more fun than tiring. You enjoy acting on anger.


Bulls act calm, but you need your stuff and people. As a protective sign, you need your space. If that suffocates you, your family, and pals, so be it.


Anxious Geminis can handle more inputs than most without overheating. When you're learning something new, you're happy.


Cancers fear most. Fear guards. It tells you what is dangerous—steep hills, hornets nests, too alluring people—and what may pose a unique threat to you based on your limits.


Leo, your pride is legendary, so when your ego is bruised, your indignation and how-dare-they-ness are amplified. Who would harm me? ask yourself. You're extremely self-reflective.


Virgos, you probably feel disgust numerous times a day. It cleans you, which you respect, welcome, and celebrate, but it works even harder for you.


Romantic desire should be avoided. Libras get a break. As the sign of cooperation in all its forms, you're naturally drawn to socializing.


Scorpio, Your temper is admirable. You envy others. This unpleasant, unstable state quickly reveals what you want. Note that envy isn't fun.


As a centaur, you follow caprice and the wind. Anyone involved in the eventual clean-up may be frustrated by your freedom to pursue happiness.


Boredom hurts. It's worse than deep sorrow or hot rage, with no story to get you through it. It's just routine and the hope of small steps


Aquarians, the coolest zodiac sign, can ignore daily fears for galactic ideas. Clichés bore you before they become trite. Loneliness comes from mental distance.


Pisces, loss's tidal waves of dissolution and reconstitution are manageable. Only you can live. Humans naturally fight sorrow's confusion.

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