Zodiacs bond like this.

Horoscope stars influence how people act. If their rival advances, Aries may flee. Cancerians always say what they feel, while Geminis are quiet fans.


Since they're hard to please, they rarely hurt. They think a lot. They blush and run away if the object of their love approaches, which is rare for such a strong sign.


They smash clearly. Everyone will know their love. Before committing, they'll learn more about the person. 


Silent fans. They may pose behind the pillar and grin at the topic. They lack greed and persuasion. They probably hide it so well that no one knows what's in their heart.


Flirting if they love. They explain. They're fearless. Their love confession is guilt-free. As stoic as they seem, everything their love does makes them tender and edgy. 


They love guiding but don't tease. Crushees know first. They're upfront. They love their partner but aren't open. They enjoy wooing after a few steps.


Virgos are too cautious to love. A virgo will examine the person inside and out before igniting their spark. They'll sense the fire. They talk about it lightly.


They'll hem. They may falter and prepare for the talk they want because the topic intimidates them. They wish they could be calm. 


Their topic makes them very shy and delicate. They send confusing love cues. Scorpios hate showing vulnerability, so they swiftly lock down their expressive side.


Sagittarius crushes are unpredictable. They will either tell everyone or privately tell the lover. They enjoy chasing. Anything easy may tire them. 


Overanalytical sign. They'll assess love before hitting. They'll ignore. Lovers are egoistic and mask their feelings. Close friends won't know. They're humble.


They enjoy talking. If they smash, they'll talk. They won't love someone based on looks alone. They're drawn to depth and like to learn about a person's mind and heart before admiring them.


Based on topic cues, they can be extreme. They analyze their behavior and carefully plan their next move. If the topic lacks quality, they'll shut off and never return.

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