Zodiacs and Watches

Wristwatches haven't always told time. Timekeeping precedes precision equipment. Sun, moon, and seasons marked time. The first books and sundials—timepieces—followed.


Aries is represented by the ram. Leaders, rulers, and loyal friends. Aries love leading and being adored. 


Taurus is the bull. They do everything carefully and attentively. Tauruses are also kind and can make others feel unique.


Twins are air signs Gemini. Geminis are dual, as depicted. Intense but curious, confident but winsome.


Cancer is water. They aim to lead gently but fearlessly. Cancers can be bold creators and gentle romantics. Like the moon, they adapt to their shifting environment. 


Lion symbolizes Leo, a fire sign. They easily draw others like the sun. Leos love to shine and share their energy. 


Virgo is the maiden. They are wise, trustworthy, and all-knowing. Virgos want autonomy. Thus, they rule well. Bell & Ross Aviation embodies Virgo's stoicism.


Scorpio is a sea sign. They're bold and charming. Scorpios can be fierce at first, but they can soften. 


The archer symbolizes fire sign Sagittarius. They're independent and rarely comply. Sagittarius are free-spirited and eager.


Mountain goats symbolize earth sign Capricorn. They're often eager learners. Capricorns excel and achieve greatness.


Aquarius represents ocean. Interesting, vibrant people. Selfish Aquarians. A watch to fit a bold, unique personality:


Pisces last. The fish symbolizes Pisces. Dreamers, they see life through rose-colored lenses.

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