Zodiac Workouts

Some people live for sweating. Others fear it. Enjoy a non-athlete fitness regimen. “Working out is torture when you think it will be,” says astrologer and yoga teacher Emily Ridout.

Your zodiac sign's main personality qualities and bodily parts might help you select the right fitness routine. To find a workout companion, consider your zodiac sign's compatibility.


“Aries is cardinal,” Ridout explains. “It initiates and directs fire.” Ridout says this fire sign's best exercise optimizes its extraordinary energy. Her idea: running. 


Ridout calls Taurus Earth's permanent energy. “Practical workouts work for them. Walking the dog might help.” Walking burns calories and promotes cardiovascular health.

Geminis may seem flighty, but they really want to be engrossed in what they're doing. If they're not committed, they'll quit. Dynamic, entertaining workouts keep children entertained. 



Ridout says cancer emphasizes strength and fluidity. She advises anyone born under this cardinal sign to choose a workout that mixes their loving nature with core strength. 

Leo is the fixed fire sign, unlike Aries. Like a sprint vs an endurance race. Leos "contain the fire," Ridout explains. “Sometimes it might build within them,



Virgos, like earth signs, are practical. The zodiac's perfectionists, they're meticulous. Ridout recommends vinyasa yoga or tai chi for this methodical sign, which focus on energy flow.


Libra, like Gemini, enjoys socializing. Ridout suggests a partner dance workout for this sign.

Scorpio prefers slow, deep burning, unlike Aries.



Ridout says Sagittarius regulates the upper legs, so like Libra, they prefer dancing workouts. As a changeable sign, Sagittarius—the "swirling fire sign"—likes constant mobility. 


Capricorn loves hiking since the mountain goat is its symbol. Ridout recommends hiking and climbing hills.

Aquarius is a unique zodiac sign. Ridout advises an unconventional workout. 



“Pisces is the mutable water sign,” Ridout explains. Pisces love being in water since they're fluid. 

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