Zodiac Wedding Invitations

Never undervalue your wedding invites. This one piece of paper may set the tone for your wedding day by announcing the time, venue, and dress code. 


Aries are brave, independent leaders. Adler advises this fire sign to break tradition. “Forget the conventional invite, or the design your wedding planner or family prefers,” she says.


Tauruses are more than content and steady. They believe in contact. Card stock determines the appropriate invitation.


Geminis are communicators. Words are what make an invitation special. Instead of using wedding invitation language, write your own. 


Cancers prefer homey weddings. Why not make the big day seem welcome? Adler recommends considering your guests' emotions.


Leos love sparkle. That's why you should embrace your inner lion or lioness and make your invites stand out? Adler says Leos love flamboyance and pleasure.


Rocking Virgo?  You probably approach most things practically. That includes selecting wedding invitations. “Virgos like neat and order,” she says.


Libras are balanced and stable, therefore scales represent them. Libra concepts are easy to include into wedding invitations. 


Weddings are linked with bright colors, from white linens to the stunning bridal gown. Scorpios may crave their dark side. 

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Sagittarius are party-starters. Fire signs focus on the larger picture. Translation? They won't stress over selecting trendy invites.


Traditional invitations are safe. Since Capricorns respect ambition, realism, and discipline, they will obey the age-old norms.


Many couples still send paper invites. Aquarius may modernize this custom. “The best invitation for an Aquarius is an e-vite,” says Adler.


Pisces are spiritual and sensitive.  Since your wedding is about two souls becoming one, your invitation is the perfect chance to emphasize that.

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