Best Teddy for Your Partner on Teddy Day According to Zodiac

Weeklong gifts show love. You start with chocolates, teddies, gifts, kisses, candlelit meals, and more. Teddy bears speak to their inner kid.


Aries begins the zodiac. They're Mars-ruled and ardent about everything. However, they love you. They want you to treat them while maintaining their identity.


Taurians start relationships maturely. As they grow, they become more infantile. Their inner kid is for those they trust and love. Venus-ruled, they put others first.


Geminis are dual-personality. They want your gentle love. However, they value someone who can balance caring and domineering.


Moon-ruled Zodiacs are mild. Only this makes them scary. How come? Thus, rejection or derision frightens their tender minds. They resolve conflicts.

Leos are dominant, making them hard to love. But they're strict. Since their parent world is the sun, they are the most energetic loves. 

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Virgos are stubborn and artistic. They would also find many ways to express their love. Virgos love you 200% if you love them 100%.


Everyone seeks approval in pink. It defines love for a libra. This Venus-ruled zodiac sign always shares love and pleasure. They also want someone to hug them in difficult times.


Scorpions exhibit and worry. Even when in love, they get envious fast. (But don't cross that line if you're dating them—a angry Scorpio is bad).


Sagittarians wander. They love unpredictably and want everything. Jupiter rules this sign, so its people love adventures.


Capricorns prefer bear size over hue for Valentine's Day. They like peach or pale pink. Selfish sign. They would love someone unconditionally.


Aquarians are rational. Uranus, their parent world, lends them a technological edge. Although they love nurturing, you should give them a chatty teddy.

Subtle Pisces. Secretive water sign. Even in love, they want you to hear the message. Finding the perfect gift takes effort.

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