Zodiac-Specific Weekend TV Shows

Everyone can Netflix-and-chill. Cancer queens love home, but everyone needs a break. I chose the finest TV series for your zodiac sign. New fave.


Discovery will thrill Aries. It's everything you love about Star Trek, but with greater representation and dynamism thanks to Sonequa Martin-Green and Mary Wiseman. 


Taurus, you like to relax, and your television watching habits reflect this. You'll be surprised that you got through ten episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in one afternoon. (whoops).


Of course, your recommendation is a reality program, and it's one of the originals. Our obsession with watching real people live their lives began with KUWTK.


You enjoy few things more than sweetness and nostalgia, Cancer, and Adventure. Time supplies both in abundance.


Did you really expect Inventing Anna to be left off the list? The smash-hit from Julia Garner and Anna Chlumsky is ideal for you, Leo, as it contains both drama and sumptuous moments.


It's time for a throwback, Virgo. Stream a couple episodes of Cribs this weekend just to appreciate the wacky styles of celebrities — and the era that was the early 2000s. 


While The Great is a lot of fun, I think you'll enjoy it more for the costume design, with all the luxury of Catherine the Great's clothes and surroundings. 


Scorpio, this creepy selection is for you. This super-popular new Korean drama is great for fans of horror and post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Make it a weekend by inviting some other Scorpio pals.




Parts Unknown, hosted by the late Anthony Bourdain, is a must-see for Sagittarians, the zodiac's travelers and adventurers. 




I was tempted to recommend a tough, business-oriented reality program for you, Capricorn, but I think you may benefit from something lighter. 




Aquarius, what's better than real crime to relax? Like Scorpio, you'll like binge-watching Forensic Files after work.










You adore nature, Pisces. Will Smith's new documentary Welcome to Earth is perfect for admiring our planet.

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