Zodiac Speaker Rankings

Speak, humans. or company. Why? Communication. We chat to loved ones. Not everyone speaks openly. Zodiac signs impacted speech.


Publicly, Leos are themselves. Love it. Great public speakers. Leos play "alive". Lions win. They communicate. They can speak confidently at any time.


Examples are Geminis. They talk well. They can relate to anything and everyone. Geminis always talk. Their knowledge covers many areas.


Libras speak humorously. They use fun and are kind. Honest Libras can bond with others. They let others talk, unlike the above signs. They recognize that even others have views.


Scorpios' zeal makes them good speakers. Their speech theme excites them. They naturally comprehend that issue. Thus, they understand others' needs. Never talkative.


Aquarians innovate. Speeches demonstrate. Audiences respond to visuals. They always raise an urgent issue. Climate change, global economy, etc. Words count.


Aries never give up. They correct and grow from mistakes. They're reckless. Their improvised remarks often outperform their planned ones.


Sags talk for hours. From their favorites to their hates. They get excited to meet new people and try new tasks.


Tauruses are present-minded. They don't talk or take photos. Instead, they enjoy the quiet.


Cancers are too private. They naturally talk less. They watch what they say.


Capricorns rarely talk. More authors than speakers. They write slowly. They're also more convincing.


Virgos give the best advice, but they don't talk much. They are like movie "advisors." They're great advisors but don't talk about themselves.


Pisces are initially reticent to talk. Initially, they're shy. Once comfortable with you, they seem like distinct people. Once relaxed, Pisceans talk nonstop.

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