zodiac Sleepers Most Can Fall Asleep

Taurus: Comfort First

Taurus enjoys. As a life-lover, you value good sleep and rest. 

Cancer:  Moodiness

Cancer sleeps. Your ruling planet, the moon, makes you loving and requires you to recuperate from exhaustion, which happens regularly. Resting helps you help others.

Pisces: You Live In A Fantasy World

Pisces enjoys disconnecting. As a sponge, you need recovery time. You sleep to avoid work even when you're not emotionally fatigued.

Libra dreams about beauty and harmony. Air signs must devote equal focus to eating smoothies with an old buddy, gardening, and sleeping eight hours. Libra unwinds. 

Aries are action-oriented, so relaxing after a cardio dance exercise, client presentation, and bathroom remodeling might be difficult. (and frankly, boring). 

Air signs like to break rules like "bedtimes." Even if they're fatigued by night, Gemini's voracious brain craves stimulation. Their route till 2 a.m. varies. 

Virgos : The diligent workers won't sleep to prepare a quarterly presentation or their kids' weekly outfits. Pre-bedtime Virgo obsesses. Self-critics may think:

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