Zodiac Sleep Essentials

All zodiac signs need good sleep. Some of us have different sleep needs, habits, and items.


Taurus, weighted blankets help sleep. Tuft and Needle's chunky-knit variant provides muscle-relaxing pressure without sacrificing comfort. Earth cues should stay strong.


Gemini, rest with this white noise device. It has 28,000 Amazon reviews and a variety of noises. Since your mind never stops, white noise helps you sleep.


Adding ease to your mattress never harms. Cancer, a mattress cover is better than blankets or pillows. A mattress cover is an easy way to add depth and make sleep cozier.


Leo, you like luxury, so high-quality bed linens are a must.


Scents can boost moods and help us relax. Sleep diffusers can add relaxing aromas to your critical, anxious mind. Virgo


Must-have for good sleep and hair? Libra, silk pillowcases suit you. Silk pillows are cooler than cotton, easy on your hair, and beautiful.


Many people know that blackout shades can help you sleep, especially in utter darkness. Scorpio, Wayfair curtains stop sunrays cheaply.


Sagittarius, you prefer better sleep over harder. Despite the term, side sleeper pillows are for everyone. For a restless sign, its form lets you sleep easily in any posture. 


Capricorn, you must rise up and get going to be effective. This sunrise alarm clock gently introduces light, imitating the sun, to help you ease into your daily ritual.


Smart sleep lamps may be best for slow sleepers. Aquarius


Humidifiers improve sleep, especially in dry regions. Pisces, a smart humidifier with an app lets you set the ideal humidity to keep you cool and comfy all night.

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