Zodiac Signs Who Give Their All In Relationships

Astrologer and performance artist Angel Eyedealism noted on WikiHow that water signs are "very loyal."

Empathetic Cancer

But when it comes to Cancer, they are too committed and have a singular focus on their lover, and not in a negative sense.

Passionate Scorpio

Numerous factors contribute to the unfavourable reputation of Scorpios.


However, once Scorpio finds love, they would guard their lover and their connection with their life.

Similar to Scorpio, Virgos have little interest in someone who is not a genuine fit.

Reliable Virgo

Loyal Capricorn

Capricorn is yet another zodiac sign that is fully committed to their partnership.

Bold Aries

Pinkvilla commented, "If an Aries feels you are the one for them, they will battle to maintain you in their life."

Dependable Taurus

According to WikiHow, much like Capricorn and Virgo, Taurus is "direct" and views loyalty as their "ultimate objective."

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