Zodiac Signs' Weaknesses

Impulsivity hurts you, Aries.

Aries are hard workers, but they jump in without thinking. Aries move too fast for their own good, making them hard to follow.


Taurus folks crave safety and ease. They're homebodies and love calm, so they pass up chances. Tauruses are slow, but once out, they're unstoppable!


Geminis are busybodies. They have a thousand ideas and want to start new tasks, but they never finish anything.

Sally, Cancer.

Cancers often say "It was better before". Their largest flaw is their melancholy.


Royal Leo is often too proud and egotistical! Leo's largest flaw is pride, which annoys friends and family.

Overly severe, Virgo

Virgos worry the most. These locals fear everything, notably failure and ill luck. Virgos are critical and never content with their work or anyone else's. 


Libras are hesitant and can't make choices. They overthink choices and never make them. Their largest issue is hesitancy, which irritates friends and family.

You're inarticulate. Scorpio

Scorpios struggle with inner turmoil. Scorpio's complex demeanor is their biggest problem.

Sagittarius, moody.

Sagittarius is half-human, half-horse, and often torn between their gut and their heart. Sagittarius' mood shifts drive away friends.

Capricorn angers easily.

Capricorn, your fire or ice can repel people. Your coolness deters people.

Introverted Aquarius

Aquariuses are autonomous and love meeting new people, but they rarely make friends. Aquarius' independence can make them arrogant.


Pisces are sensitive sponges and sometimes can't handle other people's troubles. They're sensitive.

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