Which Zodiac Signs Watch HBO's "Succession"? Max

Shows can bite you and you can bite them. Both. The Roy family is more than just a group of snobby snobs. 

The Roy family's immaculate fa├žade hides drama and disorder, proving that everyone has issues. If Season 4 has you obsessing over their quirks,

Most cosmic fans know how much it can reveal about a person. Your birth chart shows your past, present, and future.

Astrology may impact the tales you like. If you're captivated by Succession's grim comedy, your birth chart may explain why.

Some zodiac signs are born to compete, entice, and rule. If one of these four signs is in your natal chart, you may easily seek career advancement. 

Why Virgos Watch Succession

Those who find Succession funny can spot the grim humor in many scenes. The drama's ideal audience is Virgos, who are satire-sensitive.

Virgo is already mentally noting a clever show remark to study later. Succession suits this cerebral, detail-oriented sign.

Libras are known as peacemakers, so you might be shocked to see them on this list. Libras are charming and sly.

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Why Libras Watch Succession

Libras are peacemakers, so this list may surprise you. Libras are witty.

Which zodiac sign is most ambitious? Yes, Capricorn. The perception is justified. Capricorn instinctively climbs mountains. 

Succession makes Capricorns feel very seen. Capricorns can relate to needing something so badly they would do anything to get it, but not to the Roy family's brutality.

Why Aquarians Watch Succession

Astrology calls Aquarius the humanist and thinker. Their eccentricity masks a natural boss. Aquarians are supersocial.

They'll also do something to stick out. You must be bold and revolutionary to live in Succession.

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