Zodiac Signs That Fall Harder

Love is exhilarating. Love makes happiness and passion appear magical or euphoric. Thus, people love romance novels and flicks. 

Every person, scenario, and connection is distinct. If two longstanding friends fall in love,

They may not know they're in love for years. If they see their ideal partner, someone may fall in love at first sight. Your zodiac sign might also affect how quickly you fall in love. 

Lovely Libras

Libras are pleasant, calm, and lovely. Libras adore spending time with their crush and falling in love, thus they want someone to share their beauty and generosity with.

Libras prefer an intellectual, social, and emotional partner, according to astrologer Brilla Samay. Libras want love, not Tinder or bar hookups.

Traditional, Reliable Taurus

Tauruses require love and commitment to feel well. "Once committed they are generally solid and will go the distance," astrologer Rebecca Schmidt told Best Life.

Thus, a Taurus would prefer settle down in a lovely, cozy relationship with one person than "play the field" or keep their choices open. Taurus can envisage a pleasant, warm future with that person.

Pisces The Daydreamer

Of course Pisces is on our list—how could they not be one of the fastest and easiest signs to fall in love?Pisces love intensely. They like open-minded people.

"Pisces want a soulmate who shares their dreams and passions because of this known potential," Brilla Samay told Bustle. Pisces concentrate and fall in love with great, exciting people.

Intense Aries

Aries is startling. Aries' fierce fury and competitiveness make them unromantic. Fearless signs may fall in love soon. 

Aries would do anything to be with someone they're falling in love with, even if they just met. Additionally, this bold sign is impetuous and passionate.

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