Zodiac Signs That Attract Each Other Crazy

These engrained characteristics also affect zodiac compatibility and who we find attractive—sometimes your opposite.

Libra, Aries
Aries and Libra may appear too different. Yet you're a fantastic match. You are.

Taurus, Scorpio
Taurus and Scorpio, your passion and sensuality make your bedroom relationship a dream.

Sagittarius, Gemini
Gemini and Sagittarius, your moods change your personalities. While you don't always agree, you understand each other.

Cancer, Capricorn
Cancer and Capricorn are drawn by their shared traits. Successful and determined people value life changes. They share many interests.

Aquarius, Leo
Leos want to be in charge, thus they require order to manage a place.

Pisces, Virgo
Virgo may be overly quiet and Pisces may be a storm, yet this connection still fascinates them.

Both Virgo and Pisces are selfless and enjoy affection, therefore they're always close. Virgo is more grounded and deliberate than Pisces, who goes with the flow.

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