Zodiac Sign's Shoe type

Libra: Venus-ruled Beauty attracts Libras. You desire fashionable clothing.  numerous brands, colors, and styles. Try wedges, platform heels, bootie-shooties, flats, 

Scorpio: Pluto likes strong colors and pieces. Red or pink heels and zip-up boots make you appear great.Designer shoes produce astonishing outcomes.

SAGITTARIUS: you want everything eye-catching . You like open-toed sandals, pumps, and shoes. Choices favor comfort. You prefer wearing bright, athletic pairs too.

CAPRICORN:  Saturn-ruled Capricorns love elegance. Blacks, greys, whites,  fawn, and brown work nicely in subtle combos. Leather sandals, pumps, or anything professional are necessary.

AQUARIUS:  You're indecisive. Strappy sandals, flowery chappals, and dark dismal boots work. Colors aren't set. You like boho. 

Pisces:  Comfortable shoes intrigue. You hate vivid colors, patterns, and cutting. Sandals charm. Wear heels if they fit and look good. Choose pastels and sea.

Girls love shoes and treat them like children. Shoes instantly elevate an outfit. If you're a shoe lover like me and base your clothes on shoes,

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