Zodiac signs reflect dual personalities.

Everyone's dual. One may be friendly, the other vicious and manipulative. With so many facets, it's hard to know a person. Zodiac signs define your two selves.

Aries are driven and passionate about life. They love difficulties and their environment. They also have a cruel, domineering, and aggressive side. Small things enrage them.

Tauras value consistency. In life's challenges, they desire someone reassuring. Their will to succeed is part of their personality. They are obstinate when they want their way. 

Geminis have two personalities. One side is a social butterfly who loves people. They always take risks. When upset, the twin's wild and impulsive side emerges.

Cancers are sensitive and loyal. They always help others, especially those in need of affection. They're readily exploited. They also struggle with despair and self-doubt.

Leos enjoy the spotlight. This bold and ambitious sign loves to party. Generous folks, they are. They might be selfish and shallow.

Critical and observant, Virgo. They may rise to the top with this trait. They can fix problems using their smarts. Work load causes personal troubles for them. They don't follow

Libras want peace. They're scales because they're correct. Their peacefulness may be off-putting in tough times. Regardless of justification, people hate combat.

Scorpios are loyal, honest, and joyful. They value independence and family. When deceived or injured, they might be possessive and vindictive. Then a charming Scorpian is unrecognizable!

Sagittarius have a year-round wanderlust. They adore new people and situations that broaden their worldview. Their counterparts regularly break promises. They're also mean.

Capricorns are determined to succeed in their careers and are willing to work hard. Great leaders, too. They're egocentric and can't balance work and life.

Aquarius are intriguing and live in their own universe. Newness thrills them. They're adored! They can be irritating and impractical.

Pisces are kind and thoughtful. Their calmness is loved. They ignore reality and flee bad situations. Their choose their fantasy.

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