Zodiac Signs' Psychopathy

Today we examine each zodiac sign's psychopathy. Psychopathic traits are sometimes linked to criminality. Psychopaths can succeed while hiding their real nature.

Aries: Boredom, thrill-seeking

Sociopathic Aries is bored and thrill-seeking. Aries are restless. Boredom can cause dangerous behavior.

Taurus: Emptiness

Psychopathic Tauruses lack empathy. Tauruses are unbending. They may have trouble empathizing because they see things from their perspective.

Gemini: Fake appeal

Geminis have sociopathic charm. Social Geminis. Charm and ease help. Their duality can be a drawback. Geminis lie.

Cancer: Self-interested exploitation

Cancers abuse others. Cancers are caring. They are observant and social. Toxic Cancers can exploit these assets.

Leo: Lies and deception

Psychopathic Leos fib, exaggerate, and deceive. Confident Leos are open. They lead naturally and love the limelight.

Virgo: Methodical planning

Psychopathic Virgos plot carefully. Analytical Virgos are detail-oriented. They plot everything. This helps them keep calm in tough conditions.

Libra: Sexy

Psychosexually free Libras. A London University study found criminals more sexual than devoted. Libras are generous and fair. They want calm. 

Scorpio: Control, dominance

Scorpios are ruthless and need power, control, and supremacy. Scorpios are enigmatic, ambitious, and fierce. They like control and are ardent about their interests.


Sagittarius sociopathic traits include indifference and fearlessness. Sagittarians are frank and honest. Free-spirited adventurers.

Capricorn: Cold-hearted

Capricorns can be icy, cruel, and psychopathic. Capricorns are determined and goal-oriented.

Aquarius: Lawlessness

Psychopathic Aquariuses ignore laws, norms, and rules. Aquarians are free-thinkers and rebels.

Pisces: Victimization

Pisces often exhibit sadistic victim mindset. Pisces are kind and sensitive. They see the good in people and want to aid.

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