Zodiac Signs' Luckiest.


Venus, the money planet, meets Uranus in Taurus this week, sparking your second house. Second house Taurus. Both full. This lesson tackles self-worth and finances.


Venus and Uranus in Taurus' first house aid self-discovery this week. Venus regulates love and money, awakening Uranus. Your first home represents you. L


Air signs must follow their passions. Saturn in Pisces stimulates your tenth career house, while Mars in Cancer activates your second value house, which controls money. Passion yields.


Astrology's lucky ninth house. It regulates spirituality, learning, and exploration. Saturn's three-year stay in this sign lets you take chances to reach your goals.


Taurus rules your career, reputation, and tenth house. This week, Venus and Uranus unite, bringing financial rewards for moral choices.


Taurus rules your lucky tenth house. Venus and Uranus will create a new course. This universe is miraculously helping you realize your ambitions and start a new, happy chapter.


The First Quarter Moon in Cancer helps you overcome obstacles to achieve your goals. Cancer controls the tenth house of your work, so you may use your intuition to advance professionally.


Your ninth house of luck, Cancer, hosts the First Quarter Moon. Travel, knowledge, and spirituality bring luck from the ninth house.


Life happiness and choices often undervalue health. Well-being boosts performance. Venus and Uranus in Taurus activate your sixth house this week, helping you adopt a healthy habit.


Earth signs should delight after Pluto's passage in their first house of self. Venus and Uranus in your fifth house delight this week. Success wins. You enjoy a new lifestyle this week.


Pluto's move into Aquarius' first house has upleveled your identity and existence. This lets you be yourself and prioritize. This includes mental, physical, and emotional health.


Emotional water signs require earth signals to feel safe. Venus and Uranus meet on Taurus, ruler of your third house of communication, this week. Discuss life adjustments.

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