Zodiac Sign's  Hairstyle—For Men

Aries Man

Aries are independent, confident, and born leaders. This requires a neat, classic haircut.

Taurus Man

Taurus men are stable, grounded, and beautiful. You like long hairstyles. 

Gemini Man

A smart Gemini man would avoid fashionable hairstyles that made them feel like they explored too much. Outgoing and fun, 

Cancer Man

Cancer men are the most sensitive and devoted to their hair, wanting to preserve a style from college.

Leo Man

As a Lion, you prefer to lead and be the focus of attention. You want to stay cheerful.

Virgo Man

The merry Virgo men are active, clean, and stylish. Since you're unusually lazy with hair and beauty, 

Libra Man

You enjoy elegance, beauty, and aesthetics. Because of this, you want a hairdo that shows off your style.

Scorpio Man

You're a determined person who knows what you want and what's best for you. You confidently choose a haircut and style.

Sagittarius Man

You love spirituality, travel, and living fully. Traveling requires little hair care.

Capricorn Man

Practical, traditional, ambitious, disciplined, and practical. This is Capricorn. Your nature makes you like basic, conventional, and non-messy haircuts. 

Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are intelligent, personable, insightful, and great communicators. You may wear a custom hairdo,

Fish Man

Pisces, the zodiac's chameleons, are the most secretive and seductive. Your empathy, sympathy, and creativity, 

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