Zodiac Signs' Favorite Romantic Move

Gifts, time, and touch are all love languages. These traits keep a mate passionate, whether dating or married.

Aries: Go dancing with them.

Aries are among the most amorous signs because they know how to make their lover feel special. They will search far and wide for the ideal gift or date.

Taurus: Book that new eatery.

Taurus is pickiest. They like to rest and pamper themselves because they work hard. Tauruses value self-love, so their mate criteria are high.

Gemini: Have an art museum date.

Geminis are flirtatious because they're open, bubbly, and always seeking to have fun. Geminis value freedom, making labeling difficult.

Cancers are delicate romantics who want the whole story. Expressing your deep love for this water sign can never be too sappy.

Cancer: Handwrite love notes.

When flames fly, Leos are outgoing flirts who are upfront. They give their spouse lots of love, so they want it back. 

Leo: Deliver flowers weekly.

Virgo: Give something unnecessary.

Virgos are realistic and meticulous in love. They want to be taken off their feet, but they struggle to emphasize emotional aspects of relationships.

Libra: Invite guests for supper.

Passionate Libra. Even this wise sign needs love. Libras favor love. They test their wives' freedom.

Scorpio: Go late-night astronomy.

Scorpios aren't cold-hearted. That carefully managed fa├žade hides someone seeking to be swept away by their one true love. 

Sagittarius: Travel spontaneously.

Sagittarius doesn't rush anything, including love. It must be spontaneous and thrilling. Though open-minded about partners,

Capricorn: Book a couples massage.

Capricorns date traditionally. They only meet long-term partners. This planning helps them find the ideal mate, but it can take the fun out of falling in love.

Aquarius: See their fave show.

Aquarius doesn't like roses or sweets. This clever air sign prefers quality time with fascinating people. 

Pisces: Take them picnicking.

Pisces is a hopeless lover. They want to prolong their vacation. The right spouse knows how to keep the dream alive.

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