Zodiac Signs' Dating Styles and Commitment.


Leo Gemini Scorpio "Usually, Aries like to be with people that let them be in charge," Neptune says. Leo loves Aires' honesty. Both signals are active. 


Pisces Libra Neptune thinks Taurus and Pisces relax well together.Venus rules Taurus and Libra, which strengthens their bond. 


Other Geminis Aquarius Virgo-Gemini pairs well. Neptune said they prefer 'parrot-like' friends. Geminis think alike and are naturally curious. 


Leo Aquarius Pisces Sun and moon rule Leo and Cancer. Neptune deems them "central to every movie's plot" despite their disparities. Cancer and Leo appreciate heroes. 


Cancer Libra Neptune says Aries and Leo are expressing their goals. Aries may motivate Leo. 


Aquarius Pisces Neptune appreciates Capricorn-Virgo's "beautiful earth sign relationship." He thinks Capricorn's long-term planning calms Virgo's neurosis. Both signs like working alone. 


Pisces Leo Neptune says Libra and Leo think, "Wow, I'm so beautiful." They can promote and validate each other during events.


Capricorn Taurus Cancer Scorpio and Capricorn want seclusion and won't reveal their plans until they're finished. 


Gemini AriesSagittarius and Gemini, Aquarius sisters, adore turmoil. Aries "can be fun," but "it can also be a lot of fire energy in one relationship," Neptune notes. 


Virgo Scorpio Libra Libra and Capricorn respect societal norms, according to Neptune. Signals know time and construction. Libra is unsure, while Capricorn is patient.


Cancer Libra Aquarius and Cancer want to converse about the world with others. Cancer may also open Aquarius.


Virgo Gemini Taurus may adore Pisces. "It just works," Neptune says. Gemini's Pisces. Neptune says Pisces have trouble communicating, whereas Gemini energy produces and learns languages. 

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