Star-Struck           Wedding                   Dress! 

Elegant Capricorn

Capricorns desire the ultimate wedding attire.  Elegant tastes choose a lehenga with a structured bodice. Personalize your basic sandals, makeup, and accessories.

Bohemian Aquarian

Quarian brides are eccentric and contemporary. To match their eccentricity, they like vintage and futuristic clothes.

Dreamy Piscean

Dream wedding. You'll love a mermaid princess dress.  Sheer sleeves and rich breast material look great. Lace and embroidery differentiate you.

Brave Arian

Aries Daring brides want to wow the crowd. Wear a bodice or neckline dress with pearls, beads, sequins, or lace. Exhibit your beauty.

Passionate Taurus

Practical Tauruses like less.  Taurus brides want comfy, stylish clothes. She expertly blends modern and old. Look like you came from a black-and-white film.

Smart Gemini

You choose figure-flattering, cozy attire.  Sleeveless dresses show arms and hands. Lucky brides may wear different styles and accessories. You'll dress often.

sensitive Cancerians

Cancers enjoy antiques. You like classics. A stylish, figure-flattering garment is ideal. The lehenga suits you. Pearls please Cancers.

Queen Leo

A million-sequin outfit would suit a Leo. Leos love spending, especially on wedding dresses.  Drape a saree like royalty.

Victorian Virgo

This Sign hates bling! No vibrant designs.  Classic beauty.  Pick a basic wedding dress. You worship detail. Handcrafted sarees are your favorites. Pearls elevate.

Sophisticated Liberian

Libra brides. Venus is Libra's goddess, thus they can dress romantically.  You like embroidery and jewel-tones. Makeup and wedding gowns should match.

Mystery Scorpion

Scorpion brides may have sultry weddings. Flowing sarees and pretty blouses suit you. High stiletto heels add sexiness.

Sagittarian adventurer

Destination brides—you.  Independent Sagittarian brides enjoy simple outfits. Wear lightweight clothes for mobility. Simple hair and accessories.

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