Zodiac Signs' Best Wedding Seasons


Statham suggests a June summer solstice wedding for this energetic sign.


Statham says Lucky Leo can marry in late July or August. “Leo loves entertaining, so whatever they do will be fun.”


Sagittarius, the zodiac wanderer, can marry in summer or winter to flee to a warm climate.

Tauras , Virgo, Capricorn : Earthy

She recommends marrying these indications in spring or fall. “Earth signs love outdoor weddings with Mother Nature.”


Taurus may favor spring, their birthday month.

Virgos and Capricorns

 “These signs seek grounding and balance, so the spring and fall equinoxes—which mark equal parts day and night—would work well.”

Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.

If the wedding is social, these indicators can enjoy it any time of year. 


Geminis may choose a destination wedding so they may spend more time with their guests. 


Libra like elegant, opulent weddings in early October. 


Aquarius, the zodiac's most unpredictable sign, may pull their wedding guests on an eco-adventure wedding. She claims no restrictions apply to this sign.


Cancer is most comfortable in summer, so a seashore wedding with loved ones would suit them best. 


Pisces will love a wedding by the beach, lake, or river at any time of year. Pisces should marry in late winter.


Serious Scorpios should marry on the winter solstice. During twilight, a lakeside winter wedding. 

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