Zodiac Signs Are the Most Kind Hearted

When you've had the worst day ever and need to vent, phone your local Pisces.


These charming water signs have a great capacity for empathy, and they will make it their utmost priority to cheer you up.


When you're in Leo's inner circle, you're certain to get special attention. If you have an issue, Leo wants to help you solve it.


They'll bring refreshments in case you feel hungry, and they'll never miss your big evenings because, like a proud parent, they like watching you shine.

They're not all about making you feel good, but if there's an injustice in your life (or anybody else's), they'll strive relentlessly to make it right.



These friendly, adorable air signs are all about making you feel at ease, heard, and understood.


Because it comes from someone who actually cares, a huge bear embrace from your Taurus mate seems like it might fix all of your issues.


Taurus is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and at ease, which is why they are regarded as one of the friendliest signs.

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