Zodiac Signs and Love

Your zodiac sign also shows key personality traits. It also reveals your relationship skills and weaknesses and your ideal mate.


Aries is courageous. This sign draws bold, spontaneous mates. Aries are impulsive and weary, so they avoid commitment.


Taurus has a practical outlook. These sensual, practical locals prefer stable spouses who provide mental ease and security. 


Geminis are flexible, curious, and expressive. These social learners like dating sharp, witty people. Geminis are fickle but fun.


Cancer's gentle. This sign favors mentally helpful partners. Clingy folks need committed mates.


Leos are ardent and confident. These locals are charismatic and ambitious leaders. Thus, they prefer confident partners who realize their skills and don't mind the limelight.


Virgo is methodical. Analytical, practical, and hardworking people want safe relationships. Virgos are devoted to their partners.


Librans appreciate beauty and balance. These people are polite, courteous, and like to date nice people. Though hesitant, they know how to care for their spouses.


Scorpios are intensely passionate. This sign's people are enigmatic. They are drawn to partners who want to dive deep into their feelings and change their relationship. 


Sagittarius encourages daring. This omen draws life-lovers. They want a mate who travels.


Capricorns work hard. Stable, future-oriented mates are preferred. They're ambitious and want a skilled ally.


Aquarius is a free-thinking, defiant sign. Independent, unconventional, and creative, these natives are drawn to unique mates who can match their lifestyle. 


Pisces is sensitive, compassionate, and perceptive. Pisces are delicate and seek spiritual allies.

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