zodiac signs' advice for proposing

If saying "I love you" isn't enough, you also need to select when, where, and how.

Aries' stubbornness

Keep it romantic but basic. Loud and flamboyant offers should be avoided.

Taureans are stubborn.

Expensive plans may be unpopular. So design a Taurean-friendly proposal that fits the budget.

Geminis are eccentric.

Plan a romantic evening and get a unique present. Make your proposal a pleasant surprise for a Gemini—they adore surprises.

Cancerians love home. 

Cancerians prefer home proposals. Cancerians love roses, champagne, chocolates, and more.

Leo : the attention seekers

Choose the largest diamond. Book the priciest restaurant. Drama adds flavor. Be memorable!

Perfectionist Virgos 

Base your proposition on their interests. Never hinder excellence. Perfect is for perfectionists!

Libra's view of love

Millions of romantic movies have shaped them. Romance Libras. Candles, wine, flowers, chocolates, perfume, and more. Vacationing is romantic.

Passionate Scorpio.

Passionately propose. Show your affection with a passionate letter. Scorpios are more persuaded by passionate proposals.

Sagittarians love honesty. 

"I'm heartbroken." "With you." "Losing my heart to you wins" etc. "I love you," then. You must purposefully lose each game!

Traditional Capricorns

Kneel and propose with a red rose if your culture requires it. Regional traditions may cause problems for Indians. Knowing who works best helps!

freedom-loving Aquarian

Aquarians fall in love with unique proposals. When proposing to an Aquarian, focus on surprises, wit, and the unexpected.

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