Experts' Top 5 Attractive Zodiac Signs

We all know that some zodiac signs are more attractive. Reasons include reproductive fitness and beauty. 

This article ranks zodiac signs' beauty based on their planet rulerships, which can impact a person's temperament, looks, and deeds. 

1. Libra
Libras, like Venus, are elegant and sophisticated. 

2. Taurus
Taurus, another Venus-ruled sign, is beautiful. Comfort, tranquility, and maturity make this zodiac sign attractive. 

3. Leo
Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the third most gorgeous zodiac sign, and here's why. Leos are irresistible due to their planetary rulership.

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4. ScorpioScorpio, the ultimate sex magnet, is last. 
This zodiac sign exudes intrigue, danger, and desire.

5. Cancer
Cancer, ruled by the Moon, ranks fourth in attractiveness. Cancer's sexuality isn't as hot as the other zodiac signs.

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When insecure, they become excessively complex and critical, overwhelming others.

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