Your 2023 "It Bag" Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Fashionistas love "It bags." Our wallets can't buy all the amazing options. Finding a bag that fits our personality and money takes some research.


Aries, the first fire sign, are eager and active. They need a bag to carry gym gear, a water bottle, and an iPhone charger. 


Venus rules Taurus, so they like cute little items. This beautiful bag has a gold bow. It will also elevate their sensual outfits with elegance.


Because of their mercurial nature, Geminis set fashion trends. Gemini has several JW PEI Gabbi bags in bright hues to match their outfits and their twin stars'.


Cancer, whose celestial ruler is the moon, would love this lunar-shaped cross-body bag. It will be their favored carry-all and an emotional shield. 


Telfar, which is rare and sold out online, is the pinnacle status symbol. Leo should feel unique and like a celebrity and baller with the Telfar bag.


"Virgos prefer simple, earthy accents. However, they like modern-chic styles. Virgos like stylish, functional clothing.


Most Libras carry this bag. Libras Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian like the bag's structure, practicality, and candy hues. 


Scorpios favor bags that can grow with them due to their changeability. The Fendi baguette is timeless and complements any attire. 


Sagittarius needs a big bag for trip mementos. It can be worn to the beach, a fancy dinner with friends, shopping, and class to hold books. Mutable signs will love it.


Capricorns, the zodiac's CEOs, need a bag for work, play, and hangouts with friends. It's rare to find a serious-fun bag.


"Aquariuses prefer independence. They brand themselves defiantly. Thus, they'll choose an unusual bag.


Luar designer Raul Lopez says these purses are for everyone to wear and carry everything. Last sign Pisces will like this bag's openness. Pisces merit unique bags.

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