Which Smartphone Should Your Zodiac Sign Buy?

Phones are used more. Phones matter. Adults use their phones 3:15. Consumes us. Phones run our lives. Despite our scorn, folks love this technology.


Aries resists. Unless you alter your mind, no one can let you believe what you want. Choose a tough, reliable phone.


Taurus never trusts cheap. You never skimp on your wants. Taurus is rigid and determined. You need a fancy phone with robust ability for maximum security.


Fun-loving Geminis enjoy socializing. Keep in touch. Your dream phone has a fine camera and music.


Family-oriented Cancerians. You like cozy things. Thus, you need a comfortable, deeply invested phone.


Lion-type Leos. You want their phone exclusive. Your phone must reflect their determination.


Virgos spot flaws. It's hard to like any phone. You usually buy new products. Thus, whether you commonly switch phones.


Libras love. You love everyone. You need something to keep them near to peers and family.


Scorpios love intimate life. You avoid outsiders. Your phone should protect your personal info because you value private.


Sags love amusement. Impatience defines you. Your phone should handle your anxiety.


Capricorns want their gadget to mirror their life. You work hard and want others to note. Capricorns combine work and life. Your phone should know.


Optimistic Aquarius. You dig freebies. You value ingenuity. You like trying trendy and novel phones.


Pisces dream. You think everything is great. Pisces deserve an expensive smartphone.

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