Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Darkest Secret

Everyone has monsters. Your seemingly organized coworker? Cereal's her supper. Most famous friend? He Googles himself often.


Aries is the brave adventurer. Since you're assured and forceful, you never show sweat.


Taurus has refined values. From your wardrobe to your home d├ęcor, you strive for flair.


Gemini is sociable. You host lots of parties on weekends, so people call you first for fun things to do.


Cancerians are the kindest. You're a loyal buddy because you care about others.

Leo is the zodiac's dramatist. You make friends easily because of your charm and charisma, so sometimes you picture being the face of your own TV show.

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Virgo is smart and fast. You'll never skip a deadline or forget a household task because you're calm. 



Libras are the best flirts. You can schmooze just enough to help someone relax, no matter how closed-off they seem.


Scorpio, you have the most secrets. Only a few people know your true feelings. You hate being put on the spot and need control.


As the zodiac's restless explorers, Sagittarians have trouble settling. You'll alter your mind 12 times before choosing a lunch spot or a vacation spot.


Capricorns are stern. You love sneaking silly things into your calendar because it takes a lot of discipline to build the habits you need to thrive.


Aquarius is oddest. You like to defy convention. You rebel in small ways to tell yourself that you're an individual because the daily grind can tire you down.

Pisces are the most imaginative sign. You love daydreaming about realms where you can be anyone. Your mind is so vivid that it's hard to tell truth from fantasy.

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