Zodiac Sign Love Language

Love Geminis. Dualistic, chatty Charming Geminis. Geminis desire communication and adventure. Geminis woo. They value your thoughts and deeds.

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Cancers love through pain. Married crabs feel safe. Their protective love may seem possessive. Real praise persuades.


Leo—brave and generous. Lions risk. They appreciate extravagant gestures and nice words, but they're not easily duped. Helpful Leos. They help first.


Virgos are tidy. Obsessiveness makes them ideal life and love partners. They love helping. Expect money, gifts, and affections to fail. 


The diplomatic Libra's scales symbolize equilibrium. Libras are pleasant, contemplative, and gregarious. Libras thrive in partnerships and teams.


Scorpios are harshest. Scorpios hide their genuine sentiments, making them hard to come to know. Scorpios are charismatic despite their flaws.


Sagittarians are bold, ambitious, and free-spirited. Free-spirited Sagittarians are extroverted. Accepting that Sagittarius are hard to pin down will make every day interesting.


Capricorns endure. Capricorns aren't romantic. Capricorns lead softly. Capricorns need company because they adore solitude. Men need someone faithful to their marriages.


Water Bearers are unusual zodiac signs. Aquarians are obstinate but distinctive. Aquariuses are kind and unexpected. They love speaking and finding people's eccentricities.


Pisceans are creative, gregarious, and perceptive. They may die. Pisces are exploited in relationships because they quickly adapt and absorb others' feelings.


Aries, independent and driven, enjoys attention and praise. The Ram pursues its heart and mind desires without fear. This sign enjoys offering and receiving praise. 


The reliable and strong-willed Taurus loves luxury presents and physical pleasure. Bulls are sensual, loyal, and secure in their relationships.

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