Zodiac Sign Lipstick Colors

Aries: Red

You're naturally reckless. You rock a classic. Hollywood crimson lips are irresistible.

Taurus—Cool Mauve

Just an earth symbol. For natural beauty, use a cool-toned mauve. Practical and sensual for you.

Gemini: Glitter Flip Lip

You need a lip that shows your dual personas. Try glitter flip lips. Press your lips together to see the glitter emerge.

Cancer: Nude GlossEveryone

cries on your shoulder. You need a versatile lipstick since you're reliable. The answer? Nude gloss! Your lips are now better.

Leo: Goddess

You love bold lips.  Wear L'Oreal's Color Riche Gold Obsession in "Pure Gold" for compliments.

Virgo: Tan

You're perfect. Need a versatile lip. Grab your favorite tan shade? NYX Butter Lipstick in "Tan Lines" works.

Libra: Pink

Balanced, delicate. We adore your lip color. Perfect for dressing up but not too much. NYX Lip Lingerie in "Silk Indulgence" enhances femininity.

Scorpio: Vampy Dark Berry

Scorpios have a seductive lip. This sign prefers dark berries.

Sagittarius: Pinkish Coral

That enthusiasm needs a shade.  Coral pink lips compliment all skin tones and make lips pop

Capricorn: Brown Nude

Practicality in your name and game. Break out a brown to complete your look. Conventional yet edgy, you’ll leave the house ready to seize the day

Aquarius: Unexpected Gloss

Everyone knows you're the oddball. Why not wear an iridescent shifting gloss to match? Wear alone for maximum benefit

Pisces: BlueEmbrace

 your sign and inventiveness. Use it alone or with a gloss. You'll be seen whatever!

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