Zodiac Sign Dates and Personalities


Ram-like Aries love to lead. Montúfar believes Aries like to start rather than finish since Mars rules them. Call an Aries to jumpstart a project or recipe.


Taurus, an earth sign, wins "slow and steady," according to Montúfar. They're reliable. Ward believes Taurus is a long-term partner. Venus-ruled Taurus brings love, pleasure, and money.


Geminis are curious and talkative. Quinn feels the multitasking queen is adaptable and creative. Montúfar says Gemini is smart, versatile, and curious, with a fast intellect.


Cancers love. They're loyal. “Intuitive and tenacious, this sign sticks to their roots and excels at getting what it wants to protect their family and loved ones,” explains Montúfar.


Superpowered jungle king Leo. Marquardt states, “Leo can be bold and fearless, allowing them to take risks and pursue their dreams with vigor. Charm and confidence. Impressive Leos. 


Montúfar states Virgo, "the maiden" or "virgin," symbolizes completeness and perfection in astrology. They're built for productivity.


Librans control partnerships.Ward says they flirt naturally. “Many get burned thinking they were special to a Libra...only to discover they were one of several!” she continues.


Scorpios are femme fatales and psychic. Marquardt says water signs have sharp, concentrated intuition.

Sagittarius' ninth house of travel and spirituality fits these optimistic adventurers.


"Sea goat"? You have the mythical Capricorn water monster. Montúfar believes Saturn-ruled Cap (Like, you're best while tackling the hardest hurdles.)



Aquarius is known for their creativity and willingness to be odd. Marquardt says they're all about breaking norms and moving forward.


Quinn thinks Pisces are wise, kind, and dreamers. “They feel themselves and others,” she explains. Ward believes Pisces' compassion, devotion, and love make them good partners for other signs.

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