Zodiac Sign Compatibility Check.

Learn the zodiac signs.

To comprehend relationship compatibility, you must first grasp zodiac signs and their meanings

Understand each sign's elements.

In addition to its constellation form, each sign has an elemental significance, representing one or more of Earth's inherent forces.

Make sure signs match.

As a rule, Fire signs are most compatible with Air signs, whereas Water and Earth signs are most compatible with their attributes.

Know which signs are incompatible.

The traditional elemental combinations are the most compatible zodiac signs.

Visit a trustworthy astrology website.

Signs, meanings, ideal compatibilities, classical literature, and astral body interactions will be available to you.

Read each sign.

Most astrology websites list the zodiac signs' traits. Find your and your partner's signs and read up.

Test compatibility.

Most online astrology resources provide simple compatibility tests that only require you to fill out a form or press a few buttons to find an ideal sign match.

Know relationship pros and cons.

Of course, astral bodies don't directly affect a person's character, but zodiac signs can show which personality types get along.

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