Zodiac Sign Bathroom Dreams

After a year at home, bathrooms are self-care centers. When your sink can barely accommodate soap, much alone various face creams, that skin-care routine can only be so calming.


Aries are natural leaders and love to establish trends, making Brynn Jones's '70s-style SoCal bathroom appropriate. The bathroom is striking with color-blocked cabinetry and antique floor tiles.


Taureans want peace. Sarah Sherman Samuel's Grand Rapids, Michigan bathroom boasts a deep tub and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a garden. Mud masks may feature bulls.


Sybil Domond and Dan Lessin's Greenpoint, Brooklyn, condo has a Mediterranean treehouse bathroom. Geminis adore mismatched tiles and exposed brick.


Cancers, you may have been labeled the granny of your buddy group owing to your love of family heirlooms, home cooking, and sometimes grumpiness.

Leos and this Young Huh-designed Upper East Side bathroom are striking.

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Virgos are detail-oriented and might be anxious, so keep your space calm. Spa-like mosaic tiling covers Malene Barrnett's Brooklyn brownstone bath from floor to ceiling.


Diplomatic Libras require a romantic, artistic location to unwind after balancing everyday.


Scorpios would love Roberto Baciocchi's dark Tuscany bathroom. The walls are covered in turquoise abalone shell tiles, and linen covers lightbulbs to create a dreamy, hazy illumination.


Sagittarian bathrooms must reflect their travel. Place your bathroom near a patio if it's primarily natural stone and wood like Baciocchi's.


A peaceful bathroom may let industrious Capricorns relax. Athena Calderone's hotel-like apartment contains a standalone tub and huge ceramic vase.


Aquariuses require imaginative bathrooms. Cameron Ruppert's Washington, D.C., home includes bright, patterned floor tile, graphic fabric, and a tiger rug to inspire. Isn't strange better.

Pisces, compassionate and sensitive, require a brushing break. Baby blue wallpaper and wood-paneled walls take you to the seaside in this Emily Henderson–designed bathroom.

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