Zodiac Room Colors

Home is your refuge. It's important to decorate it to reflect your individuality and spirit. For tranquility, vitality, and happiness, use these colors based on your astrological sign.

Aries: Mars's hue, red, is ideal for this "go-getter" attitude. "[Red walls] will allow Aries to feel that they are living in their element in their home," 

Aries: Orange motivates this sign too. Astrologer  says, "Depending on the shade, orange can be masculine or feminine."

Taurus: Sage, an Earth sign, needs gentle greens to inspire them."This will remind them to stay grounded and connect with Earth to inspire their artistic creativity."

Taurus: Mauve Tauruses appreciate cream and mauve because they produce calming spaces.

White "Geminis like to keep their walls bare, because they are always busy and often on the move," White walls will calm their frantic lifestyles at home.

Gemini: Colorful
 splashes of bright, blue, orange, and patterns will express their unusual attitude. "Their homes often reflect their inner mind, which is always busy," 

Cancer: Pastels
Cancers love white, pinks, sky blue, and pastels. "They are ruled by the moon and love colors that reflect as the moon does," 

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