Zodiac Plants

Astrologers know that each zodiac sign has unique behavioral traits. Wouldn't each sign want distinct houseplants? Read on for zodiac-specific plant suggestions.

Orange Orchid: Aries

Your fiery Aries sign mirrors the Orange Orchid's boldness. As a happy plant parent, you love caring for this one! Aries caretakers can enjoy any orchid.

Monstera Deliciosa, Leo.

Head-turning Leos shine everywhere. You dominate an area like theMonstera Deliciosa. Like their flora, Leos love strong light. Whether from the Sun or devoted fans.

Coffee Plant: Sagittarius

Hyperkinetic Sagittarians grow unchecked. Like the Coffee Plant, this low-maintenance, high-velocity sign runs on "natural caffeine" and energizes every scene.

Taurus Palm

Tauruses are proud of who they are and what they like. Like Taurus, the tropical Parlor Palm grows higher with only sunshine.

Echeveria: Virgo

Virgos are recluses. It may appeal! Organized signs like order. Virgos like delicate Echeveria. Echeveria suffers without a routine.

Snake Plant: Capricorn

Capricorns, the most durable sign, thrive in simple settings. Like the Snake Plant, less fuss is better.

Calathea Vittata, Gemini

Gemini, like the Calathea Vittata, is eager and lively. Gemini and this shrub are unique because they rhyme without a pattern.

Libra: Fern

Venus rules Libra, and the Bird's Nest Fern is exquisite. Libras are high-maintenance like this shrub. You get to enjoy their beauty and love, right?

Pilea Peperomioides, Aquarius

Aquarius is lively like Pilea Peperomiodes. Aquarians detest drama. Like this shrub, they like sunshine and sharing joy.

Anthurium: Cancer

Cancer's moods change with the moon. The Anthurium, or Flamingo Plant, also blooms seasonally. Like this zodiac sign, added attention never harms.

Philodendron Green: Scorpio

Scorpio draws notice naturally. They're private and don't want attention. Like the Philodendron Green, their powerful force attracts attention.

ZZ Plant Pisces:

Pisces are caring, but this daydreamy sign can forget time, space, and watering plans. For the water-loving Fish, the ZZ Plant reacts to shifting conditions.

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