Your Perfect Plant According To Your Zodiac Sign

Be a plant mom! The right plant can bring out our innate plant senses. Use astrology to find the best houseplant for your habits, traits, and attitude.


Humanitarian Aquarius plant parents want to improve the earth. Eccentric, they hate restrictions on their goals. The pothos suits this sign's modern nature.


These trees are tolerant of neglect. Pisces care for ZZ plants because they're gentle and patient. This kind-hearted plant needs our ZZ plant care help!


Succulents only need sun and water. Sun-loving cacti have the most vibrant colors. This reflects Aries' boundless energy and need to keep active. 


This sign's people work hard and aim high. Tauruses work harder and enjoy the results. Their work-hard-play-hard mentality ensures long work and play hours.


Like Geminis, this plant grows well indoors. Lacy leaf philodendrons climb. Unlike pothos and string of pearls vines, which hang low around their planters.


Plant owners are sentimental and follow their hearts. Cancers love happy families. Cancers need a beautiful money tree with deep roots and lots of good energy.


Leos are gorgeous. Their charm and self-confidence make them attractive. Bromeliads suit Leos' warmth and liveliness.


Virgos are practical and detail-oriented. Virgos provide all-around help and high-quality work. This sign's rubber tree spouse is conservative and hardworking.


Libras live harmoniously and diplomatically. Socialites like museums and shows. Libra plant parents love art and beauty, so the monstera is the only option.


Scorpios are honest and confident. This sign is passionate and creative. Scorpios and dracaenas share honesty.


Sagittarius folks are free-spirited and idealistic wanderers. They're bold and eager to learn. The curious Sagittarius is like the exotic alocasia shrub.


Capricorns embody discipline and duty. They are smart and like to manage their lives. Capricorns like rules. These traits make Capricorns ideal bonsai parents.

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