Zodiac Nail Polish Colors

Aries—Dark Red

Fire sign Aries rules passion, energy, and initiation. Aries like being bold to make an impression. Aries nails should be dark red.

Bronze Taurus

Taurus represents patience, reality, and stability. Earth sign Taurus likes bronze nails. Earthy hues represent realism and effort.

Gemini—Baby Pink

Air sign Gemini regulates communication, flexibility, and adaptation. Baby or light pink suits Gemini, a gregarious sign.

Cancer—Dusty Pink

Cancer, a water sign, governs emotions, home, and family. Cancers are emotional, thus dusty pink is their ideal hue.

Gold Leo

Leo represents royalty, ingenuity, youth, and renown. Leo needs gold nails. Leos love the spotlight and gold's royal connotations.

Virgo—Green or Brown

Virgo represents work, health, and duty. Earthy colors suit Virgo. Their nails should be green or brown.

Libra: Baby Blue or Pink

Libra—an air sign—represents beauty, harmony, balance, and friendliness. Libras are friendly and social. They fit baby blue or pink nail polish.

Black Scorpio

Scorpio is a fiery, aggressive, and forceful water sign. Scorpio denotes extremes, so what color would suit it more than black

Purple Sagittarius

Sagittarius, a fire sign, symbolizes optimism, adventure, and enjoyment. Sagittariuses love purple nail polish!

Capricorn—Gray or Brown

Earth sign Capricorn symbolizes commerce, order, and realism. Capricorns like gray and brown since they're earthy and tame. Not a Capricorn trait.

Aquarius—Blue with Cool Designs

Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac sign, is an air sign that symbolizes individuality, invention, and separation. Aquarians like progressive blue.

Pisces—Light Green

Water sign Pisces represents compassion, empathy, intuition, art, and creativity. Pisces should wear creative, intuitive brilliant green. It's happy.

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