Zodiac love signs

Zodiac signs love uniquely. Some prefer grand displays and spoiling their loved ones to words of praise and quality time. 


Instead of showing love, you share your mind. Your lack of a buffer allows you to express your true emotions, even if you have to initiate.


Taureans are unwavering in their love. They enjoy indulging their spouse in both material and non-material ways.


Gemini, the zodiac's social dancer, is loyal once they find love. Date one and expect mid-afternoon job shocks and last-minute date night plans.


Cancerians love deeply and intuitively. Expect them to dig up your childhood photos at the first meet-the-parents meal.


Leos naturally make big moves as leaders. They like to flaunt their love. Don't be scared to ask for help; they love giving and getting gifts.


Your likes and dislikes are noticed by Virgos. Organizing your inbox or taking off your shoes before bed shows love. You'll never be able to repay them due to their inner freedom.


Librans love well. They're kind, calm, and composed, so don't be shocked if they surprise you with a candle-lit supper for that anniversary you missed.


Scorpios' love is fiery. They're not good at expressing their emotions, so they may show their love through physical contact and care.


A free-spirited Sagittarian makes every day an excursion. They love spontaneity and might surprise you with a trip to Bali.


This sign is balanced and lets folks in gently. Capricorns favor future planning to empty praise.


Aquarius avoid obligation due to their freedom and defiance. They'll approach you daily with time. They'll satisfy you without asking.


Pisces' naïve optimism puts others first in relationships, so they've probably been hurt. Once-burned-twice-shy people may lack social media loyalty. "The one" made them happy.

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