zodiac lottery predictions

Read on to find out if you should buy a lottery ticket. Maybe you!

Leo—we knew you'd be lucky. You're attractive, have many admirers, and always look on the bright side.
While this may seem like you have it all, we know it may be lonely on the throne.

Virgo:It's no accident that planner extraordinaire is one of the lucky signs. Girl, Virgos only succeed because they work hard.

Scorpio is lucky.
They seem to appear at the proper time and place, annoying some less fortunate people.
They mustn't take their luck for granted.

Dreamy Pisces is the luckiest zodiac sign for lottery wins.
11.6% of top lottery jackpot winners were Pisces, making them more likely to choose the golden ticket.

Just Go-with-the-flow
 The Most lucky
 lottery winners
are Pisces. 

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