Zodiac kitchen 

Sagittarius, rejuvenate. Your kitchen should balance your urge to rest and explore. Exotic artifacts from your travels and large windows provide an external outlook.

Capricorns are traditionalists. Hardwood flooring and dark cherry cabinets show your conventionality, while navy, evergreen, and gorgeous antiques satisfy your traditional side.

Trendsetting Aquarius. Your dream kitchen contains natural materials, high-tech devices, and a waterfall island because you love modern design. Your high-tech kitchen showcases your ingenuity.

Pisces : Marine pastels suit you. Make your kitchen a relaxing hideaway with gentle lighting. Want special? Diffusers work. It calms your sanctuary.

We offer a selection of design styles, colors, and rooms for your zodiac sign.

Zodiac residences also influence interior design. You may wish to examine your birth chart.

Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Created, brave, and passionate. Fire signs have strong personalities. Each fire sign has a distinct style.

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