"Zodiac                  Kitchen

Aries, your kitchen can be loud and proud tooTry dramatic lighting or neon island stools. Try a geometric wall or herringbone tile backsplash. 

Taurus, beautiful paintings in glass cabinets please your enthusiasm, yet brown and neutral earthy tones rest. Indoor plants add nature.

Gemini :your ideal kitchen is versatile. Think open kitchen with large island and lots of seating. Exhibit your exotic side Use bold printed chairs.

Cancer: Always sentimental, you prefer cozy spaces. Vintage furniture, wood tones, and a wide rustic table make your farmhouse style kitchen inviting.

Leo: Your dream kitchen is spotless, bright, and suited for royalty. Gold accents, a chandelier, and plush seats break up the white.

Virgo kitchens are simple heaven. A tidy, all-white room suits your fastidious nature. Floating shelves and smart cabinets are your motto—organize but make it gorgeous!

Libras prefer a marble-topped island in their kitchens. Try linen-covered chairs instead of barstools to complement its minimalism. Add vibrant flowers last. Voila!

Scorpios are passionate, stubborn, and sensitive. Your dream kitchen has rich blues, ivories, and purples plus nooks and crannies to rest.

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