Ice Cream Pairings

Aquarius and Pisces Can Taste these

Aquarius gets Iced Mocha Sorbet, while Pisces gets Vegan Mint Chip, spearmint and peppermint in coconut milk ice cream with bits of minty dark chocolate bars.

decadent Peanut Butter Pleasures for Taurus on April 21. Then, like the Gemini twins, the series will combine two tastes through spring.

Everyone's Zodiac Ice Cream

Virgos will love Baked Apple Betty. It tastes like apple pie in cinnamon ice cream. Libras' Grapefruit and Orange Blossom Sorbet will carry the season's brilliance 

Pomegranate Sorbet starts Scorpio.  Sagittarius will receive Peppermint Crush ice cream and dark chocolate candy. cranberries  graham cracker crumble energizes Capricorn. 

Aries—Mint Chocolate Chips, Rocky Road

Ariens seek unusual tastes. They attempt new things. After a day of excitement, they need to chill off. This makes mint chocolate chips wonderful. 

Taurus—Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Caramel Gourmet

Cookies and cream satisfy their ice cream preferences. Taurians love rich chocolate caramel gourmet.

Gemini—Chocolate-Vanilla-Strawberry Sundae, Mocha Almond Fudge

Geminis love chocolate-vanilla-strawberry sundae because they become overwhelmed by choices.

Cancer – Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chips

Soft-hearted people like chocolate chips and cookie dough. These would comfort and sweeten them.

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