Astrologers Recommend Your Zodiac Sign Hairstyle

Deciding which hairstyle to try out when you want to switch up your look can be tough. With so many trendy new styles available, it can be easy to experience information overload. 

Astrology is used for career, love, and other decisions. Your zodiac sign, like your style, reflects your personality and energy.

Aries: Classic Pixie.

Aries can rock any hairdo. You're not afraid to take bigger chances in life—including extreme hair changes. 

Taurus: French Bob

Taurus, you appreciate classics and want a new look that matches your basic, elegant approach.

Gemini: Fresh Blowout

Your outgoing, charismatic, and always-on-the-go personality requires a hairdo that matches. You make major decisions and change things up occasionally.

Cancer, you're a hopeless romantic. Your delicate, sweet side needs a haircut to match. 

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Cancer: Romantic Waves

Leo: '90s Supermodel Hair

Camera, action! You were born to shine—nothing you do is basic or modest. You want a bold hairstyle as the zodiac's star.

Virgo (Aug. 22 – Sept. 23): The Collarbone Cut

Virgos are careful and hardworking. You're sensible with your hair and don't experiment.

Libra: Delicate Fringe

Libra, you're active, flirty, and social. Venus, the planet of beauty, rules your taste and attention to detail.

Colorful Scorpio

Scorpios have a fiery style. Because of your versatility, you can pull off any haircut.


As the zodiac's adventurer, you adapt rapidly. You never settle in one place or hairdo.


Capricorns are adventurous and hardworking. You need a fresh hairstyle that shows your humorous side while still being serious. Retro waves are the perfect hairstyle for business babes.

Aquarius, you're a rebel. You enjoy defying convention. You dare to defy beauty standards. 

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Romantic Pisces get emotional quickly. You're hypersensitive to everything, especially hair. Pisces change their look rarely but dramatically. 

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