Zodiac goals.


Aries, you're a born leader. Marquardt says you probably set goals based on gut and follow uncharted roads.


Taurus, you love seeing the end of the trip. As a fixed sign that hates change, ambitious long-term aims go against your nature.


Mercury-ruled air signs often set too many goals. If you're not following through, assess your aims.


Cancers feel. Marquardt advises choosing safe or easy goals. He advises setting goals that help you feel good.


Leo, you work best on goals that will get you known. Marquardt says praise can motivate you to achieve more goals.


Virgos love to-do lists. Marquardt says step-by-step goals are your thing.


You often choose an aim to please a loved one or because someone else proposed it. Understanding and acting properly gives partnership signs force.


You favor solo goals.Scorpios quietly solve a mystery. "What?""I didn't know you were working on that!" says Marquardt.


Sagittarius, "Go big or go home" is your motto, and goal-setting is no exception. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, gives you big aims.


Capricorn is the most goal-oriented sign. Saturn, lord of long-term time, inspires you to pursue big goals.


Your best aims challenge the status quo, Aquarius. Marquardt adds, "You often find yourself aware of problems impairing the collective good and searching for answers."


Pisces, Neptune rules your inner world. Marquardt says you can easily imagine and make up a life you want to live.

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