Zodiac Flower Arrangements

Western astrology emphasizes zodiac signs. The stars determine your fate, favor, and luck—a secret as big as the cosmos. Astrology is an art.


Aries are born leaders. The Aries ram represents new beginnings and strength in hard times. Thistles are Aries' natal flower.


The Taurus in your life likes romantic, aromatic flowers like lilies and roses.


Geminis have "dual" passions. Social, charming, and enjoyable,


Arrangements for this sun sign are simple. White roses suit cancers.


Leo Your Leos are confident, assertive, and royal. Their entrance grabs everyone's attention. 


Virgos represent the last warm days and toughness for the coming seasons.


Influenced by the element of air, the Libra always rises above, objectively viewing life at a balance. This sign is fixated on producing harmony and equilibrium in life

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