Zodiac Cars

Torque? MPG? Subwoofer? Why not let the stars choose your future automobile with so much information?

 Like Leo DiCaprio, you're independent, educated, humanitarian, and little emotionally disconnected. 

Heading 2

 You like your lush, escapism. The VW bus was made for daydreaming.

 You were the first of your buddies to drive at night (even with your learner's permit—shh!), and you love driving with the top down.

 The Volvo XC60 is the safest automobile in the world. 

Gem, you are the VW Jetta in human form—adaptable, versatile, young, and vivacious. This stylish car will make you look great even after retirement.

 You're emotional/loving/imaginative and protective/shrewd/cautious. Thus, the secure yet powerful Mercedes E-Class Sedan is your perfect car.

 You are kind, loyal, giving, and a little domineering. But when you floor your capacious, smooth-riding, all-wheel-drive car, Forester

 you're careful, loyal, clever, and green-hearted.When is it time to end a casual relationship?

 You're gregarious, flirtatious, and readily swayed (not gullible). Thus, the Cadillac Escalade—America's best-selling luxury SUV—is perfect for you.

 You go off-roading because you're strong, determined, and enthusiastic. You’re intriguing and mysterious.

 You're optimistic, free-spirited, happy, and restless. 

Heading 2

 You're sensible, ambitious, and frugal.

How do I end things with someone who won’t commit?

How do I break things off without being rude?

"I've really enjoyed our time together, but I don't see this relationship going anywhere," you may add.

Is it okay to delete them on social media after we’ve split up?

There's nothing wrong with unfriending, unfollowing, or even banning them to allow yourself some breathing room and solitude.

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