Zodiac-Based Baby Names

Having a kid is like having God's most beautiful creation, and naming it is the luckiest thing in the world.

Aries babies are lively, confident, and independent. Brave and idealistic. They are ambitious, competitive, and energetic.
Aries newborns should be named A, L, or CH.

Taurus kids are loving, strong, obstinate, loyal, slow, and reliable. Sensory bullies. They like flavor, sensation, music, and scent. Born foodies.
I, U, E, O, WA, WE, WI, and WO favor Taurus.

Gemini kids are smart, charming, ambitious, swift, funny, and worldly. Engaging and articulate.Gemini infants are lucky with A-K.

Cancer infants are sensitive, crave seclusion, and are emotional. 
DA, DE, DO, HE, HI, HO, and HU are suitable for Cancer babies.

Leo babies are generous, confident, loving, exuberant, and big-hearted. They crave attention and acceptance. 
MA, ME, MO, TA, TE, and TO are charming Leo baby names.

Virgo infants are calm, orderly, helpful, smart, and profound thinkers. Virgos are calm. PA, PE, PO, SH, TA, and TH will bless Virgo newborns.

Libra newborns love tranquility and family. Librans are pleasant and polite.RE, RO, TA, TE, and TO are lucky Libran names.

scorpio Baby is strong-willed, gregarious, and passionate. They're magnetic, yet deceptive and aloof. NA, NE, NO, TO, YA, YE, and YU are lucky.

Give Sagittarius kids independence and tough dialogues.
Astrologically named Sagittarius kids have success with names beginning with BH, DH, PH, TA, YE, and YO.

Capricorns plan. They're responsible and want acceptance. They're too ambitious for useless games.
Capricorn newborns should be named BH, GA, GE, JA, JE, or KH.

Aquarius kids who can't express themselves might grow rebellious, obstinate, and melancholy.
Da, Ge, Go, Sa, Se names will bring luck to your Aquarius baby.

Pisces babies require lots of hugs, kisses, and encouragement as they grow up.
Ch, De, Jh, Th, and Ya are good Pisces baby names.

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